May 4, 2010

Mother’s Day Makeover Giveaway: PHTYO-C Professional Skin-Care Products

What better way to celebrate mom than to give her a facial makeover with a collection of products from leading skin-care company, PHYTO-C. Mom will love you even more when you give her these products that are clinically proven to restore and rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin health. With a skin care regimen that works to dramatically moisturize, improve, and repair your skin, mom will look and feel years younger! The Intense Line Defense, Velvet Gel, and Serum Twenty offer unparalleled results in the realm of professional skin care, and they are suitable for all skin types.

About PhytoCeuticals, Inc.
PhytoCeuticals, Inc., founded by Dr. Mostafa Omar, is the pioneer of skincare in the United States and the market leader of the antioxidant concept. PhytoCeuticals, Inc., is committed to bring the most advanced and effective skincare formulations to heal and treat skin with natural plants and herbs, and to improve skin health and appearance. PhytoCeuticals Inc., is best known for stabilizing Vitamin C in liquid form. Clinical evidence has shown that precise applications of Vitamin C, known for its anti-oxidizing agents, can help prevent photoaging in skin.

PhytoCeuticals is the world’s leading laboratory, which develops unique and highly efficacious anti-aging skin care products, as well as stabilized soluble liquid creatine. The company continues developing new skincare formulations that are distributed through reputable and reliable cosmeceutical companies worldwide. 

About the PHTYO-C Professional Skin-Care Products:
Intense Line Defense
- Made with green tea and German chamomile extract, this powerful ointment exfoliates dead and rough skin, encourages skin renewal, increases microcirculation, stimulates collagen, and evens skin tone while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Apply only a few drops daily in the evening to moisturize, smooth, and prevent dry skin

Velvet Gel
- This miracle gel is supported by a new clinical study which cites its ability to encourage healing and provide unsurpassed antioxidant protection
- Significantly improves the combination of rebounding cells and collagens, and provides extraordinary nutrition for cell skin repair. This gel regulates skin separation and the renewal process while increasing blood circulation.

Serum Twenty
- Apply once daily to deliver the highest levels of vitamin C to the skin. This powerful antioxidant is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provide protection against photo-aging.
- With highly developed ingredients such as zinc sulfate, citrus juices, and plant extracts of Bioflavonoids and Phenoxyethanol, this powerful treatment repairs all aspects of the skin from the face to the neck and chest.

Want to win these products valued at $150 for your mom?

Well here is your chance!
Just tell us why your Mom is the best around. That's it, it's that easy! We will choose one lucky reader on May 9. (*Must be a US resident to enter)


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Steph said...

About 2 years ago my dad lost his eye site, this has been such burden on my mom. Not only does she have to help him through out the day but she has to support the house hold by working full time. Not once has she let her guard down, she is always there for us even when we just need her to listen. My mom does so much for everyone and does not take the time for herself. I don't know anyone who has been through so much and can still smile.

Rebekah said...

My mom is the best because she is giving. Growing up she worked so hard to make sure we were comfortable and had a good childhood. She would do anything for us.

miryfaye at yahoo dot com

AStarrA said...

My mom is the best because she is so strong. In 2007 my Dad died after they had been married for 38 years. My mom met him when she was 16 so she has never lived alone. She now has an apartment she loves, is a nanny and also going back to school to be a teacher.

daunfamily said...

My mom is the best because she continued her education and graduated with her Masters with five children ages 9 and younger :) She's dedicated the last 27 years solely to my six siblings and I.

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