Jul 1, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Did you RSVP?

Today's question comes form Charlie P- "Is is appropriate to call people who have not RSVP in the time allotted?"

Well, Mr. P, in today's economic times, I we say...YES! With the cost of weddings going up, we feel that it is absolutely appropriate for you to call those guest who have neglected to RSVP and give their "Yay" or "Nay".

One idea I (Denice) had received while planning my own wedding was to number each response card and then place that corresponding number on my guest list. That way, if a card was returned to me with no name, I knew who it belonged to, and I could weed out the ones who did not RSVP. I did end up calling those individuals who did not RSVP, and believe it or not, there were quite a few who "thought" they sent in the response card or said they did, but it was lost in the mail.

I will say one thing, I ONLY think it is appropriate to call family or very close friends. I do NOT think it is appropriate to call co-workers, acquaintances or other invites that are not close to you. If you did, it may come off as rude or pushy.

If you need etiquette help, I recommend checking out:


Since this is such a touchy subject, we would like to know your thoughts... please share!

Photo credit: my wedding!


White Iris Designs said...

I totally agree with you, as the bride and groom you need as accurate of count for the meal as possible.
BTW...your flowers were very pretty! ;)

raquel roysdon said...

I think it is ok to call family, but not friends or co-workers. Shame on those people who don't rsvp. It's extremely hard to plan not knowing how many guests are coming.

yummy411 said...

i love these questions!!

KDC Events said...

White Iris- Thanks for the flowe comment! They were beautiful flowers!

Raquel- I agree!! it IS hard to plan!

Yummy 411- Thanks! I am so happy you enjoy them! I will keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

what do you say? how do you politely ask your guests if they are / or are not coming to your wedding? i don't want to pressure them to come....

KDC Events said...

You just have to call and make light of it. People know and understand what a wedding cost. Really, they should be more embarrassed about NOT sending in their RSVP!

Simply say, " Hello ______, I wanted to be sure you received the invitation to our wedding." This will usually prompt them to answer with a, "Yes I did, we are so excited to attend" OR, "No we did not receive it"

There is always the chance it DID get lost in the mail and they are too embarrassed to call you!


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