Jul 30, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Grooms Gift

Today's question comes from Kacie- "When do you give the grooms gift? At rehearsal with everyone else or on the wedding day? If on the wedding day, how do you get it to him without seeing him?"

Here is what I would do: Give it to your lucky guy at the wedding. When Ryan and I got married we had a special moment, right before the ceremony where in the brides room, alone (well sort of, the photographer was there at first) and we got to chat and exchange gifts before the ceremony. This was nice, we were able to get out all the jitters before hand!

If you want to wait, and do it after the ceremony, do it right after, BEFORE the craziness of the photos, and the reception. Tell everyone you want 15 minutes, after the ceremony... alone! Instruct your maid of honor and best man to guard the room so no one bothers you. It is a nice moment for the two of you. It gives you the chance to savor the day and reflect before you entertain your guest for the remainder of the night.

I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!


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