Mar 26, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Who Can Wear White?

I was posed the question today... Is it ok to wear white to a wedding?

Most people feel that it is disrespectful to wear the same color as the bride. I began to search for what the public thought and here is what I found... - brief run down:
- Women have avoided wearing white to a wedding, so that the bride might uniquely shine in her white wedding gown.
- Be careful to not select anything that might cause anyone to mistake you for the bride.
- If you plan to wear white, choose carefully, and accessorize with color.

Life Tools for Women - brief run down (answer #5):
- Unless you're the bride or in the bridal party, don't wear all-white to a wedding. The tradition still holds firm: white is reserved for the bridal party.

- Don't try to compete with the bride on her big day.

Associated Content - brief run down:
- Don't wear white at a wedding. This is proper wedding etiquette. The color white is a reserved privilege for the bride only.

- Wearing white to a wedding is an insult to the bride, even if the bride chooses not to wear white.

So, I think it is pretty clear...DO NOT WEAR WHITE to the wedding unless you are the BRIDE!! We do not want to offend her on her special day. There are plenty of other colors out there, so find something other than white that you look fantastic in!

Photo credit: Denice's wedding 2001

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