Mar 19, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday - Wedding Party

Our question today comes from our loyal reader Charlie P:

"Is it acceptable to have a male stand up as a bridesmaid, and on the reverse, a female on the grooms side?"

That is a very good question! I have seen in a recent wedding , a male friend stand on the brides side. I think it is all set in the tone of the wedding and the history between friends. If it is something natural to the bride and/or groom, then it will not appear strange to the guests.

Let us know your thought! Have you been witness to a male standing on the brides side, or a female on the grooms? Let us know!

Photo Credit: Jana Brassfield (thanks Jana- Banana!)

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charles said...

Well I have been in a wedding as a bridesMEN ( thats waht they called me) and it was a blast I felt very flatered whne my friend asked me to be a part of her special day. I really think why not? I know it is tradional for the bride to have bridesmaids and the groom to have groomsmen but if you have a close friend of the opposit sex why cant they be by your side on that very special day? I know I will have both men and women on my side in my party, now the next question i have to ask myself is my partner has the same best friends I do so.... what side will they stand on mine or his?

Jana said...

As everyone knows, my wedding wasn't exacltly "traditional". Sure we had some tradinional attributes, but we wanted to have something that was US!. For me, I really wanted my 3 closest friends to stand next me, one of which happened to be a male. I didn't think anything strange of it, and neither did my fiance. When I asked him, he was extremely honored (he had never been a bridesmaid before). He had a good time, the entire bridal party had a good time. I don't think anyone should let old fashion tradition stand in the way of having their "dream" wedding.

KDC Events said...

Charles- we LOVE that you loved being a bridesMAN!!! ROCK ON!

Jana- PERFECTLY put! We think everyone will be seeing a lot more of their "NEW" tradition!

White Iris Designs said...

As a florist being in the wedding industry, I have seen many changes in what is considered "traditions". More & more Brides & Grooms are putting a signature stamp on their special day. Tradition has taken on new forms these days.
I have had a female on the male side, but have yet to see a male on the female side, but I am sure it is coming. Can't wait!
I say break the "tradition rules" The day is your's, celebrate Your way! Bridesman.....Best Girl, it doesn't matter.....Just say I do!!

KDC Events said...

Thanks Tammy! We are glad that people are starting to put their own touches on their special day. It makes them more fun and special.

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