Mar 22, 2008

Oh David Beckham!

This post has nothing to do with event planning, but I had to at least say something about it. Everyone knows that I am infatuated with David Beckham. So, when I saw his recent Armani underwear ad photos, I had to share it. This man is beautiful!

What are your thoughts?

To see more images, visit the Armani site
Photo Credits: Armani site

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Elaine Biss Designs said...

Who isn`t? And if you aren`t then eye sight may be an issue!

Girl-Woman said...

Well, he is an event, isn't he? Love your site.

hija4 said...

I clicked on the Armani Site I wanted to SEE more. Okay Armani definitely knows how to advertise. Check out the rest of the slide show. Hot baby! Thanks for sharing Ladies. :)

KDC Events said...

I am so glad everyone is enjoying this post!

Leeann said...'s um...very close up.

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