Sep 14, 2011

Wedding Song Wednesday ~ My Fathers Eyes

This last weekend I had the privilege of attending the Woman of Faith conference in Anaheim, CA. What a blessed experience. While there, I got to hear some fabulous woman speak (and 1 man!), but I got to hear Amy Grant sing. I have listened to Amy since I was a little girl, I think her Heart In Motion album was the second record I owned (behind my first...Madonna!).

So, today I bring you one of my favorite Amy Grant songs: My Father's Eye's. This would be a perfect Father/Daughter dance song. Enjoy!

I highly recommend you check out the Woman of Faith event. Here is the link for next years dates and cities: Celebrate.

Speakers I saw were:
Marilyn Meberg
Patsy Clairmont
Brenda Warner (Fabulous!!!)
Katharine Everett
Amy Grant
Lisa Whelchel
Sandi Patty
Andy Andrews

Here are some photos: 

 This is Sandi Patty, Amy Grant,  and Mandisa (from American Idol!)

Lisa Whelchel spoke (yes, Blair from the Facts of Life!)


Photo Credit: Me!


Anonymous said...

beautiful song :) I shy away from father/daughter dances.... I won't have one at my wedding. just a bride/groom dance :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh man amy grant i grew up listening to her! she is awesome love her songs glad to hear the women of faith conference was great

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