Jul 11, 2011

Man Candy Monday - Kellan Lutz

Hello and welcome back to Man Candy Monday! We are linking up with our buddy Leeann over at Join the Gossip for some fun!

It's no secret that I am a HUGE Twilight fan, not for Edward or Jacob, but for EMMETT! Yup! I am team Emmett.  I love Kellan Lutz, he is gorgeous! I love how his look is every changing, and oh that SMILE!

Name: Kellan Christopher Lutz

Born: March 15, 1985 in Dickinson, North Dakota

Height: 6' 1"

Family: Lutz is the middle child of one sister and six brothers

Career: Fashion model, film and television actor

Screen: Twilight Series

T.V.: 90210


Photo Credits: Google Images 


Miss Angie said...

Wow, he really is adorable when he's not playing the silly sparkly vampire... No offense, Twilight's just not my cup of tea-but he is a hottie!

Thanks for sharing!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ha! I just got notification from Netflix that I am getting Eclipse (I think, I'm not a huge fan so I just know it's the third movie) today! I'll def be paying more attention to him ;)

Thanks so much for linking up!!

P.S. I am having trouble with your site. It only appears for about 10 seconds then the screen goes white. I had to do it a few times just to read half of the post so I didn't get to see the second half. I had to quickly click on the comment link.

Anonymous said...

whew...i'm kinda warm now, lol I LOVE twilight!!

Lila said...

Hi Denice - Love the Lutz pics! Man Candy indeed! Your site is so fun. Thanks for coming by my blog. Give the shortbread a try - it's easy and yummy.

Ann said...

Love Twilight and Lutz gets a lot of attention from that movie... he's also great in 90210. But what really makes him so hot IMHO is his well built body.

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

The Vampire thing does nothing for me, but Kellan Lutz well that's a different story.

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