Jul 29, 2011

BUDGET TIP ~ Wedding Cakes

We wanted to share this idea with you, it is from my (Denice's) mother in law, She saw it on the Rachael Ray show:

Twin sisters were sharing their tips for saving money...coupons, free online birthday offers and ways to save on your wedding costs. One of the sisters whose wedding would have cost over $20,000 spent only $6,000!

One of the savings was on the wedding cake. She said she went into the bakery and said she needed to order a cake for" an event". A specialty cake for 200 people. All she said was it was an event...she didn't tell them it was for a wedding, (that jacks up the price immediately). Soooo it might not be as elaborate in decorating but you can add your own flair and your cake topper. I think she said that she spent $200 instead of $1,000. The cake was still delicious.

Just thought it was interesting if a bride is on a budget!! Brilliant!!

Denice & her Mother In Law: Normie Dunes =)

Photo Credit: Photography By Soozie


Anonymous said...

I like that idea!! be vague with people or call it an "event" ... LOVE IT! I'm going to do that!

I got a great deal on a photographer for my future wedding. A friend of mine just started a photography business. because she's not "big name" she doesn't charge as much. I'm thinking I can get a "friend" discount. we haven't set a date yet...but we're in the beginning stages of planning. mostly it's saving money in a "wedding fund"

KDC Events said...

Friend discounts are always great, just be sure you are on the same page for the look and feel you are going for in your wedding photos. Friend discounts can also go horribly wrong!!!

Alyce said...

Great tip!

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