Mar 31, 2010

Wedding Shoes...What to Wear?

Today's brides are not holding to tradition of the plain white heel for their wedding day. They are kicking it up a notch and expressing their individual personalities through their foot wear. Brides everywhere are keeping with there sassy shoe styles. I spoke with a few brides and here is what I found:

Melissa, Nevada:
I picked these shoes because I knew I wanted something bold that people would look at and say "that is SO Melissa!" Pink is by far my favorite color and I started my search for bright pink shoes. I had a hard time finding the exact ones I wanted because although I wanted pink shoes, I didn't want them to look cheap. I ended up finding these on ebay and thought they would be perfect!! I wore them around the house prior to the wedding in hopes of stretching them out but as I found at my ceremony I didn't stretch them enough!! They cut off circulation pretty much to my feet!! (I have wide, flat feet). But since when is beauty comfortable?

Honestly, I didn't care about the pain, it was SO worth it. I did change into flip flops for most of my reception until the garter toss. But all in all, I absolutely loved them and I feel it totally made my ensemble!! :)

Jennifer, California:
"I wore shoes so that I wouldn't have to worry about heels. I always fall and ever since my knee surgery in high school anything that is elevated hurts. Besides, I didn't want my feet to hurt!

Comfortable... oh yes I was! I just got the shoes that I would have worn any other day. I felt like "ME" wearing them, and that's all that matters. After all it was my day and I didn't want to be something I wasn't and wearing heels would have done that!"

Chris, California (YES Grooms express their fashion side too!):
I wanted to add some personality to the whole affair. So, I went with the custom black and red to match the color of the tux I wore.

What did your Bride think? She wasn't into it until she saw the shoes, then she liked em. She did respect that I wanted to add my own personality to the ceremony. I had wanted to do Hawaiian shirts and khakis, but she mandated the tux, and relaxed a bit for the shoes.

Millie, California- soon to be bride:
I don't want "traditional" wedding shoes; I want some oober fabulous ones that are vibrant and fun!!! That's my normal style for shoes anyway, so I should keep with MY tradition! lol!! Since the wedding is near/on the beach, I am wanting some fun, colorful shoes; I saw these shoes on Bebe that I might get, and they have them in turquoise or bright pink, and they are super tall and the straps are literally scarves that wrap around your feet a few times and then around your ankle. AMAZING!

Are you concerned about comfort? hahaha No, comfort is never part of my thought process for shoes lol, so why start now?

Sandy, Colorado- soon to be bride:
I am having a country wedding so I wanted cowboy boots. I wanted white ones or brown with blue and white stitching so it matched my bridesmaid dresses. I also thought they would be comfortable. I found the perfect boots!

Soozie, Pennsylvania Married & Wedding Photographer:
“Shoes should be like makeup for the feet.” The shoe a bride chooses on her wedding day need to be broken in and worn around the house for a few days... do it and you will thank me. So, go get those fabulous shoes and show then off in comfort on your wedding day. Here are a few of my favorites!

"Simple is classic"

ow about a little Animal Magnetism"?

"Little Bow Peep Toe"
" A classic white heel makes for a great prop in showcasing the rings"

Thanks everyone for sharing!


*ALL Photos were provided by the Brides & Groom
Bebe shoe photo credit:


Soozie said...

Love this blog KDC!!! Thanks for including me!

Photography By Soozie

Soozie said...

Love this blog KDC!!! Thanks for including me!

Photography By Soozie

ThingsToDoWithKids said...

very cute ideas. I was 6 months prego at my wedding so heals were the last thing on my mind. I had some ballet type slippers and they were soooo comfy...and cheap.

Join the Gossip said...

I love how brides express themselves with their shoes! My friend wore pink wedges with polka dots to her wedding, super cute!

KDC Events said...

Jana send us a pic and we will put it up!

Miss Nessa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! When I do ever manage to get married :) I am so wearing a pair of white Converse. Maybe I'll deck them out with a little lace or something, but definitely Converse.

Kyla said...

Cute idea. We got married at the beach so we wore flip flops. I had hot pink glittery ones,my girls had white ones with heels,and the guys wore matching black Quicksilver ones.

Miss Janice said...

I'm SO old-fashioned and love the 'simple is classic'! You KNOW I cringe when I see brides running into the ocean in their bridal gowns! :) I'm just old-fashioned but certainly get a kick out of others who choose to follow their own ideas.

Leslie said...

OMG millie's shoes are TO. DIE. FOR.

vivi b. said...

I agree with Leslie.... Millie's is amazing!

Jill said...

I was thinking ballet flats in "something blue" .... I'm tall as it is and hate heels - I want comfort and not too much height :)

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