Mar 9, 2010

Getting the Perfect Shot

Important moments in life should be captured, and not just in our memory but in pictures. I am a photo freak! I take pictures of everyone and everything. I am by no means good at it, but I am terrified I am going to miss some fantastic moment in life, so I document it in thousands of photos. As most of you know, I had a baby last year, and he is quickly approaching his first birthday. I wish I could say I was as on top of things as I was with my first child, but come on...let's be serious, the second child is often caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. He is a photographed child, but on my iPhone!

So, as his first birthday quickly snuck up on me, I had never even thought of having him photographed! Then I received an email from a local Photographer asking my opinion on an association I used to belong to. We began chatting through email and we instantly clicked! She offered to photograph Cooper for his birthday and I accepted.

Her name is Angel and that's exactly what she is. She was amazing with both of my children, and captured them and their personalities exceptionally. I was so impressed with her that I needed to know more about her and why she does what she does. Here is a brief interview with Angel from Angel Diane Photography:

1) What made you decide to be a photographer?
My father's untimely death. He was 44 and I was 17. He took pictures of the family and they are all I have left of that life. They are images of my memories and a life that is now gone and the only proof of a childhood. From that I started speaking the gospel of, "you MUST take pictures." The photography came secondary. My passion was fueled and the camera found me.

2) How long have you been a photographer?
Professionally, 9 years. I stumbled onto a kind man who saw my passion and graciously mentored me. He changed my life by mentoring me for a year. We did weddings & sporting events together, coupled by college classes. I started in film photography.

3) What is your favorite subject?
I enjoy capturing the bond between people / family. Emotion that exists between people. Weddings are special because I enjoy capturing such an intimate day and freeze framing it for future generations. I also favor capturing the bond between siblings. It's such a beautiful relationship. Siblings are those people that truly know us like no other. They know the good, the bad, and the ugly. And when it comes to hell or high water,they are typically the ones who will stand with us.

4) What is your favorite prop?
Something that is meaningful to the subject. Something that will invoke a memory for the person I am taking the picture for. I don't want them to remember me. I want them to remember a period in their lives.

5) What was your all time best shoot?
Wow! To pick just one is so so hard. I have so much fun with so many people. I laugh with my subjects and somehow become part of their lives. I am honored that my work will become part of their family history. This question causes a flood of memories with so many people I have photographed I seriously don't know how to name one singular experience.

6) What is your best advice for those looking for a photographer to photograph their event?
The food gets eaten, the flowers die, and the cake gets cut. After everything is over, the only thing they are left with is the pictures which will serve as their memories. Make sure you appreciate the photographer's style. It's so much more than telling people to, "smile!" Experience is so important because there are never two variables alike: lighting, time of day, weather, flesh tones, environment, etc...Google all of your vendor's names and find out what they have going on.

7) What is your favorite image you have captured?
This image is special. To me it represents life. Grandma's loving working hands. It was on a wedding shoot and the bride beamed with glee how her grandmother had made her veil. What she conveyed is that she was so happy that her grandmother had made it. I wanted her to have an image of the hand that worked on her veil. She included that image on her final wedding album.

Thank you so much Angel for sharing your passion, and Thank you for the fabulous images you took of Cooper!

If you are in the market for a photographer, contact Angel and check her out. She is very reasonably priced and like I said before, a pleasure to work with. Just a note to all, I paid for my photo session and prints, so this is a true testament of how much I liked Angel as a photographer.


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raquel roysdon said...

Beautiful photos of you and your angel baby.

ThingsToDoWithKids said...

wow, those came out beautiful. I can't believe Cooper is already going to be 1.

KDC Events said...

Angel is truely talented and a fabulous person! Thank you for your kind comments =)

Miss Janice said...

Beautiful photos and I agree that each moment should be captured...there are never too many photographs of your loved ones:)

KDC Events said...

Thank you Miss Janice! =) Have a fabulous week!

Angie said...

What a great interview. I would love to have you guest post on my blog sometime!

KDC Events said...

Thanks Angie =)
I am headed over to your blog now to check it out! Guest post? Me?? Sure!

Steph said...

I love these pic's I sure know who I will be contacting when I need photos taken to capture those special moments.

P.S. I love the new layout of your blog!!!

KDC Events said...

Thanks Steph! =)

KDC Events said...

Thank you thank you Angel for the wonderful day spent having you photograph my grandbabies. I can't say enough about the joy your brought to us. The pictures were the best, but the way you relaxed those boys and got them to smile was amazing. I cannot wait until the other two are here and we do it again. Patty Powers

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