Dec 6, 2009

Fabulous Party Planning Find!

I am an avid iPhone user, actually...I'm obsessed with my iPhone. I do EVERYTHING on it! While browsing the app store the other day, I found the greatest app of all time!! Liza's Simple Soiree Party Planner™.
Not that organized when it comes to planning a party? Well, this app is amazing, and just right for you. It helps you organize everything for a simple party. From putting together your guest list, and managing it, creating your menu and theme (decorations), and which stores to purchase them at! It will even help you create an invitation and email it from your phone!!! WOW!!

I highly recommend checking this out if you are an iPhone or iTouch user...It is a MUST have!!

You can also check it out on:
Facebook: Liza's Simple Soiree Party Planner
Twitter: LizaRiveraSalta
Or just check out the App store on your iPhone or iTouch!

Let me know what you think of it, I LOVE IT!!!!


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