Jun 18, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Bridesmaid Gifts

Today's questions: "What type of gift, if any should I get my bridesmaids?"

This is a fabulous question! YES, you should get your bridesmaids gifts. They are spending quite a bit of money to participate in your big day. It does not have to be an expensive gift by any means, just something that says, "Thanks for being in my wedding and for being a great friend."

(Denice and her bridesmaids 2001)

We all know how brides can be the closer it gets to there wedding, and our friends are great at acting like we are still the nice, sweet, girl who has been their friend for years, when in actuality they become nasty bridezillas!

So your bridesmaids deserve your thanks and appreciation. Here are a few ideas that are nice:

- Shoes! If you want them all to match for the wedding, you can buy them.
- Jewelry set for the wedding day (try House of Raquel)
- Nice slippers
- Gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure
- Make up (like Bobbi Browns Beautiful Bride Kit)

These are just a few ideas I thought I would like if I were a bridesmaid.

Have any ideas or gifts you have received? Let us know!

Photo Credit: Denice's Wedding 2001 (photographer Stephanie Kano)


Susie said...

Hi Denise~
All the girls look so genuinely happy!
My idea for bridesmaid gifts is a collection of personalized paper products from www.sooboodesigns.com!
They're original, playful and vibrant and they have the name of your bridesmaid(s) with the colors and styles to match their personaliities!
check it out!

Jennifer said...

Okay...seriously...my girls wore the exact same color! : )

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