Jun 1, 2008

Great Foot Care Find

I just want to quickly share a GREAT find (good for pre-event foot prep). I recently tried the best foot scrub ever! You all know I am a huge pedi-snob, and I will do anything to make my feet, happier and prettier. So, I found this whipped peppermint foot scrub by Gwendolyn's Gate. According to her website, it is: "A delicious delectable blend of cleansers with sea salt and peppermint essential oil. After using this blend, you will want to 'Dance The Night Away' as your feet are cooled and refreshed."

I would have to agree. Wendy Goudie, the owner, told me that it would smell good enough to eat, and she was right. It is amazing. The smell is wonderful and it massages your feet so nicely. After I had used it, my feet were so smooth and touchable.

I highly recommend checking out Gwendolyn's Gate, it is a fabulous line of body care products! Thanks Wendy for sharing with me! Good luck this week with the opening of your shop!

PS: Check out Wendy's blog

Photo Credit: Gwendolyn's Gate


Leeann said...

You can never go wrong with good smelling feet...especially during the summer =)

Wendy Goudie, Owner said...

Thanks Denice - I am glad that you enjoyed the scrub. Smells yummy but only for the feet - please do not eat! Tomorrow is the big day and I can't wait. I will keep you posted as to the great event! Wendy

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