Apr 29, 2011

The Royal Dress

I have not seen ALL of the Royal Wedding coverage, but here is a link to the Royal Channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRoyalChannel

Now on to the DRESS!!!  It's AMAZING, FABULOUS and totally classy! I love it!
What are your thoughts?

I love this photo! That little girl is priceless!

See more photos and videos by checking out the site I grabbed the photos from: http://royalwedding.yahoo.com/photos/sets/1092/The-balcony-kiss.html


Photo Credit: Royalwedding.yahoo.com

Apr 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding Time Line

Set those DVR's for the biggest event of the decade! The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate.  (Check your local listings for coverage.) After browsing many Royal Wedding news tid bits out there, E! Online had the best time line.

Here it is in a nut shell, and YES the timing is THAT specific!!!  For a detailed time line, check out the post on E!

8:15-9:45 a.m.- General congregation guest, begin to arrive.
9:50 a.m.- Distinguished guests arrive.
10:15 a.m.- Prince William & Prince Harry arrive.
10:20 a.m.-  Members of the royal family arrive.
10:42 a.m.-  Prince Charles and Camilla arrive at the Abbey.
10:45 a.m.- Queen Elizabeth arrives at the Abbey. She and Philip are to be the last of the VIPs to arrive.
11:00 a.m.-  Here comes the bride!
12:05 p.m.-  The service ends.
12:15 p.m.-  Bells will herald the newlyweds' departure, via (weather permitting) a 1902 State Landau Coach (the same open carrier ridden by Prince Charles and Diana) to Buckingham Palace.
12:30 p.m.-  The Newlyweds arrive at the Palace.
1:25 p.m.-  Kiss me, Kate! The newlyweds will emerge together on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.
1:30 p.m.-  A flyover of the Royal Air Force and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will mark the occasion.
1:40 p.m.-  The Queen-hosted reception begins at the palace.
3:30 p.m. - William and Kate depart the Palace.
7:00 p.m.-  Final reception to be hosted by Prince Charles which will not, include the queen.

I can't wait to see what Kate is wearing! Check back in for our Royal Wedding Reviews!!

For more Royal Wedding Reads go to: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/royals/index.html


Photo Credit: abc news

Apr 25, 2011

Designer Ice-Cream...YUP!

Are you are interested in something different for your upcoming Wedding or Event? Tired of the same old cake?  Maybe that candy bar is soooooo last year? Well then check this out! I received this press release from my friends over at Kern Communications.  It's about this up and coming trend...Designer Ice-Cream! Yup, I said Ice-Cream! Check it out:

Brides, grooms, wedding and bridal shower planners indelibly searching for ways to make their event memorable should integrate super premium ice cream into the experience, which can be done in a multitude of inventive ways. This according to Ellen Schack, CEO of Cowabunga Ice Cream – a super premium designer ice cream and healthful frozen yogurt brand to exhibit at The Great Bridal Expo in New York on April 8, 2011.

“Top shelf ice cream can elevate a wedding, reception or bridal shower experience from ordinary to extraordinary,” notes Debra Kulovitz, vice president of sales for the Great Bridal Expo Group, Inc. “From elegant ice cream bars at spring and summer soirées, to decadent build-your-own banana split or ice cream sundae stations, to wedding or shower cake à la mode, integrating sumptuous ice cream into the experience is one tasty way to create a distinctive event and sweet memories for all. We’re thrilled to have Cowabunga Ice Cream exhibiting at this year’s event.”

Ellen Schack, CEO & Edward (“Ed”) Schack, Co-Founder of Cowabunga Ice Cream

“Our inspired ice cream blends offer an exquisite epicure experience that’s perfectly suited for special occasions and celebrations like weddings and bridal showers,” notes Schack. “This is why we offer our fabulous frozen confections for full-scale catering nationwide.”

Those who’ve experienced Cowabunga Ice Cream rave not only about its bold, creative flavors, but also the fresh and creamy taste said to make other “premium” ice creams taste “day old.” New York Times bestselling author Omar Tyree has proclaimed Cowabunga as “the Louis Vuitton of ice cream,” while ActionCOACH business consultant Steve Vorrius declared, “Once you taste this ice cream you will never look at ice cream the same again.”

Cowabunga Ice Cream offers a wide variety of perennial and seasonal flavors, with many that are exclusive to the brand. Offerings in its current designer ice cream line include:

Rodeo Drive Designer Flavors:
Cookie Dough - Cookie dough flavored ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough chunks and dark chocolate chips mixed in
Mint Chocolate Chip - Cool mint flavored ice cream with dark chocolate chunks
Cake Batter - Cake batter flavored ice cream that tastes just like out of the mixing bowl
Almond Joy - Coconut flavored ice cream with almonds and dark chocolate chips mixed throughout
Coffee Espresso - Rich coffee flavored ice cream with chocolate covered espresso beans scattered throughout
New York Cheesecake - Luxurious creamy cheesecake flavored ice cream including real cheesecake chunks and graham cracker swirled throughout

Off 5th Avenue Chocolate Flavors:
Classic Chocolate - A rich and decadent chocolate ice cream
Death by Chocolate – Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks, chocolate cake “crunchies” and fudge swirled throughout
Chocolate Peanut Butter – Chocolate ice cream swirled with creamy peanut butter

Lux Vanilla Flavors:
Very Vanilla – A smooth and velvety vanilla ice cream unlike any other
Take 5 – Vanilla ice cream with peanuts, caramel, and chocolate covered pretzels mixed in
Rice Krispy® Treat - Vanilla ice cream with marshmallow swirled throughout and Rice Krispies® mixed in

South Beach R.E.A.L. Yogurt – all flavors are low fat and contain probiotics to naturally promote healthy digestion:
Red Velvet Cake
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Cable Car

Those wishing to order Cowabunga Ice Cream or inquire about event or catering services may do so online at http://www.cowabungaicecream.com/.

The Cowabunga Ice Cream Difference:

Cowabunga Ice Cream is made in small 5 gallon batches. This allows us to keep our consistency creamy by controlling each step of our proprietary production process, including avoiding aeration. We do not “skimp” on anything, using only use the highest quality ingredients to ensure the utmost in flavor, texture, and decadence. For our designer ice cream line we also use a high butter fat content base, which is integral to achieve a ultra-creamy ice cream. Our exclusive recipe and production process ensures a minimal amount of air rather than over-aeration, a common ploy of mass-production manufactures that undermines the creaminess and density of the ice cream and artificially inflates volume.

*NOTE- I have not tried this product. Content is provided for information only.

Photo & Content Credit: Kern Communications

Apr 19, 2011

Upcoming Bridal Shows- So Cal Area

Interested in attending an upcoming Bridal Show? I just received this one in my inbox today, and it looks pretty good.  I have never been to this one, but thought I would share the info:

Premier Bridal Shows
SEE 100s of ideas and services for your wedding day including:

- Fashion
- Advice
- DJ's
- Wedding Planners
- Florists
- Photographers
- Videographers
- Honeymoon Travel
- Transportation
- Invitations and much, much more!

Brides receive SWAG Bags filled with goodies from Crate & Barrel, Magazines, Wedding Planning ideas, Samples and more!

May 1, 2011
Ontario Hilton
Over 300 Brides already registered/tickets sold!

May 22, 2011
DoubleTree Anaheim/OC

June 5, 2011
Long Beach Convention Center



Photo Credit: http://www.premierbridalshows.com/index.htm

Apr 15, 2011

Fantastic Finds ~ April 15, 2011

So I have been a little MIA I know...Sorry! Life has been crazy these past two weeks!! So here are a few fabulous post I have come across this week, ENJOY, I will be back soon!!

Who loves tea? I DO! My buddy Leeann over at Join the Gossip really wants to have one (it may be on the books for me to do one with her, I'll keep you all posted!)  http://jointhegossip.blogspot.com/2011/04/lets-have-tea-party.html

Bridal shower cookies that look like booties covered in panties / or a bikini bottom, SUPER cute!!! Also great for a bachelorette party! http://pinkmartinisandpearls.blogspot.com/2011/04/bridal-shower-tushie-cookies.html

Need ideas to be stress free in your wedding planning, check out http://oceandreams4sierra.blogspot.com/2011/04/guest-post-by-molly-wedding-talk.html

Want your big day to be eco friendly? Check out this post http://www.budgetawedding.com/2011/04/8-ways-to-have-an-eco-friendly-wedding/

If I had little girls, I would SO do this party! Cake decorating!! Check it out, it is super cute http://adreamparty.blogspot.com/2011/04/cake-decorating-party-part-1.html
Have a great weekend friends!

Apr 10, 2011

We Have a Winner!

Thank you to all who entered the Coy Clothes T-Shirt giveaway! I had my most entries ever!! Thanks to all my new bloggy buddies!

I plugged the numbers into random.org and they spit out lucky number 38!

SOOOOOOOo the winner is: Jerrilynn over at http://jerrisemptynest.blogspot.com/.  She has 24 hours to contact us to receive her t-shirt! Congrats!!

YAY! I will send Lisa over at Coy Clothes your info and she will get you your T-Shirt! I can't wait to see what you get!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered. Check back for more giveaways!!


Apr 4, 2011

Coy Clothes ~ T-Shirt Giveaway!

I won a giveaway a few weeks back.  Through that giveaway, I met Lisa of Coy Clothes.  She is a kick and her stuff is hilarious and cute. Can something be hilarious and cute at the same time...YES! I followed her blog and checked her out on Facebook, and she continues to keep me laughing day after day. So I had to share her all with you. She obliged AND said one lucky KDC Event reader could WIN one of her awesome shirts!! So read on... (to enter, see last paragraph)

Denice: Why did you start Coy Clothes?
Lisa: I started Coy Clothes because I saw a real need for funny, good-fitting t-shirts for the 30+ set. Also, I'd been home for 5 years with my kids and I was craving a creative/entrepreneurial outlet.

D: Where do you get your inspiration?
L: I always start with an image. I spend hours pouring over old advertising art looking for images that are evocative. Once I have an image, I focus on text. I'll work on the text until I have it down to two or three. Sometimes I'll post my shortlist on Facebook to get feedback, but usually I'll go with mine and my husband's gut reaction.

D: What is your favorite piece?
L: I have two favorites. I have a men's shirt called "Pensive Guy" and I really just love the illustration style. I think it's really beautiful and I love his expression. My funny favorite is the "Crazy Jesus Lady." She's ridiculous and has this crazy vacant expression that kills me.

D: Do you do custom orders, let's say for bridal parties?
L: I'm always open for custom orders! I'm happy to work with existing stock or source brand new images and write text for them. Just keep in mind, a custom order with a new image would take a minimum of 4 weeks.

Ok, now you have met Lisa of Coy Clothes- Go visit her site and tell me which one you love and have to have. (mandatory for entry)

Additional entries:
1) Like KDCEvents on Facebook and say hello! (1 entry - leave separate comments for each)
2) Like Coy Clothes on Facebook (1 entry)
3) Follow KDCEvents on Twitter (1 entry)
4) Follow Coy Clothes on Twitter (1 entry)
4) Tweet this giveaway: Want to win an awesome Coy Clothes T-shirt? Check out http://tinyurl.com/3pjpv4n @KDCEvents

***NOTE: Please enter a seperate comment for each entry.  Contest ends FRIDAY April 8th!

GOOD LUCK!! You will LOVE your Coy Clothes, I LOVE my apron!!! THANKS LISA!


Photo Credit: Coy Clothes

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