Sep 17, 2010

Cacao Sweets and Treats

I was recently sent these delicious treats from (cacao) sweets & treats review.  They are SO CUTE!  (cacao) sweets & treats offers a gourmet line of delicious delights, specializing in Cake Truffles,Impossibly Moist Cupcakes and our Signature Brownies.  (cacao)'s gourmet sweets & treats are handmade from scratch using the finest natural and organic ingredients and are always fresh to order.

I was sent the gourmet Cake Truffles, and it was so dainty and sophisticated!  The Cake Truffles are rich and decadent bon-bon like treat that are moist and creamy on the inside with a luscious chocolate coating. Each Cake Truffle is lovingly rolled, dipped and decorated by hand one at a time. They are made with the finest fresh, natural and organic ingredients. They come in fabulous flavors such as Triple Chocolate, French Vanilla, Lemon, Almond, Spiced Chi, Toasted Coconut (just to name a few!).

The Cake Truffles can serve as beautiful Dessert Centerpieces, Wedding Cakes, Dinner Party Favors, Birthday, Romantic Getaway treats and much more!

Check out their website and Esty site!  They currently have Beer Cupcakes - One for the Guys Newcastle, Guinness or Blue Moon, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month Cake Truffles.


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