Feb 10, 2011

What Should I Wear to a Wedding? ~ Wedding Question Wednesday

Today's question (and YES, I know, it is a day late!!) comes from Hatton author of FreshMom:
Question: What do you wear to weddings at the different times (noon, 3pm, 5pm, 5:30pm... etc.)?

Answer: Now days, people dress anyway they like. Look at recent Red Carpet events. Celebrities are forgoing the formal ball gown attire and showing up in something that is more fitting to their "style". Brides are doing the same thing. Gone are the days of the traditional white wedding dress.

If you are looking for fashion advice for an upcoming wedding, take these few tips into consideration:

1) Who is the wedding for? If it is family, you should dress appropriately for the family. If your grandmother would faint to see you in a short, skin tight dress, DON'T show up in that. Be respectful! Then on the other had, if the person is casual and wears Hawaiian shirts and flip flops all the time, dress for that!

2) Is it a themed event? If the wedding has a western flare and you know it is more casual, its ok to done your boots- not the jeans (never ok at a wedding in my book!). If it is a black tie affair- then dress formal, have fun!

3) The time of day does matter! Any wedding after 4pm is an evening wedding and should reflect that in your dress. This does not necessarily mean formal attire, but definitely more dressy than business casual. Any wedding before 4pm is more casual. Think afternoon tea, more business casual.

4) Where is the wedding? if it is at the beach, you are not going to show up in your 6 inch stilettos and floor length gown, right!? Dress appropriate for the venue.

5) Is your partner IN the wedding? If your better half is a participant in the wedding, you should dress to match them. If that means they are in a tuxedo- you should dress in something that compliments that. You might be in photos you know!

So there you have it! Dress accordingly friends and HAVE FUN!!! Just remember...Don't wear jeans to a
wedding...unless it's in VEGAS =)

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Devonay said...

Great post! My only problem these days is that nothing fits!

Steph said...

It really use to bother me seeing people wear black to a wedding, but these days its the think to do. Great tips.

KDC Events said...

Steph- Black is very acceptable now days =)

Hatton said...

Thank goodness black is acceptable!! nothing fits me either!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Great tips! I never know so I always try to do simple in the morning/afternoon, and a nice black dress for an evening wedding :)

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